How to apply for a forum moderator?

I would like to know how to become forum mod in order to help people here :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be a moderator to help people, just share what you know if there’s anything you can help someone with.


You don’t. Also, this

I still didn’t get answer to my question. I understood what you guys told me. But I want to try to appeal for a mod. Just where to do it?

If there’s a need for moderators in the future, I assume they’ll be handpicked from the active forum users who genuinely care about the game and make contributions or notable discussions here.

There isn’t an application for it and with how few people hang out on here, I don’t think we will need another moderator anytime soon. Spend time here and talk about the game, there isn’t really anything else you can do about it.


Yeah the forum isn’t dead but it’s practically a ghost town and the majority of posts are ban appeals

Becoming a moderator on the discord would probably be your best bet I would assume

@CravenWarrior is correct that there isn’t an application form, and that we’re not actively seeking new forum moderators at this time.

We added a couple of our veteran Discord admins as moderators here last year – to help with an uptick in flagged posts (made by bots) – but most flagged content is automatically caught by the forum.

If you’re specifically interested in helping people, there’s a lot of ways you can without needing to be a moderator! People ask questions about modding, troubleshooting, server hosting, etc. all the time on this forum, our Discord server, and on Steam.


Ok, thank you for explaining.

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