How to avoid the Bod paragraph checker and 10 char limit

alright i’m making this post so everyone can stfu about

“god i hate the 10 char limit so heres some filler”

here’s how to avoid it

Just do <putanythingherebutspacesorspecialcharacters>

good, now go back shitposting and have a nice day

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Shhhh, they’re not supposed to know…

no u





that’s all that I have to say.

or you could upload a 1x1 image but that’s cool too

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1x1 image method is for loser babys who still suck on their thumbs and go wahhh wahhh when mommy doesnt provide nourishment. The Method used in this post (the double gator method as I like to call it) is also for losers but a whole different kind, the kind of loser who runs a poop bandit ring or naruto runs to class. The real big boy method is just bolding the text several times


10 char image

try the method I listed above

it works

yeah those types of people are babies

i totally a agree

quickly burns files