How to build outside map

Hello, I want ot build outside the map but it says “Out of Bounds” in singleplayer, then I tried many volumes in editor to be able in survival to place out of the map, meaby I am dum. What do I need to build outside?

Building outside of the map as in the editor or while playing ?

If you want to change the terrain I believe you have to go through the landscape settings.

yea while playing, i know you need to place a volume or something in editor to work… i think

It’s the other way around. Players cannot build when out-of-bounds – full-stop.

To disable the map border that exist by default on maps, use Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders false in the map’s Config.json file.

You can then create your own map border by using Player Clip volumes. Note that the Player Clip volume has a toggleable setting for “Block Player”. When this is enabled, it blocks the player from passing through the volume. When its disabled, players can pass through it but are considered “out-of-bounds” and cannot build.

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I run a server and was hoping to build something outside of the border, is there a way to do this to a map that is not in editor?

You could place structures/barricades within the playable bounds and then use the admin build mode to move them out-of-bounds, but:

  1. To add new stuff out-of-bounds later, you’d have to do the above ↑↑↑ each time.

  2. Beds don’t work out-of-bounds.

If you’re just trying to make something like an admin sit room, I don’t believe you’d run into any issues. Or if it’s a custom map, you could just remove the default map border and make your own.

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