How to calculate range of a projectile given the elevation and Ballistic_Force?(Asking for a formula that relates Ballistic_Force and velocity, and the acceleration of gravity))

How would we translate Ballistic_Force to velocity and what is the acceleration of gravity in unturned?
This is mainly because in my current server, artillery is done by moving the view up, which gives an unnatural advantage, and I would like to be able to calculate elevation(probably done through a plugin showing angle of where player is looking) for a specific projectile gun


Every 50 ballistic force equals 1 m/s of velocity.

However, if the rigid body has a defined mass not equal to one, this will not be true. A heavier projectile will move slower and a lighter one will move faster, but it would be quite predictable. I say just have a projectile mass of 1, as the mass really is not relevant as there’s no air resistance simulated.

Gravity is by default -9.81f, but this can be set per map.

Gravity default was found though decompilation, as was how projectiles are accelerated to speed. I made my own unity project to find the relation between force and velocity.


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Do you happen to know how long a large map’s border in unturned is?

Measurements are in Meters.

Large maps are 4096×4096 m2
Medium maps are 2048×2048 m2
Small maps are 1024×1024 m2
Tiny maps are 512x512 m2


i mean is it accurate?

Weapons that fire projectiles never deviate. They’re always 100% accurate.


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