How to change height on chart.unity3d?

So I started a new map which has a lot of high mountains. When I try to bake the chart those mountains are just getting cut off on the map and you see them as „water parts“. Is there anyway to fix it? Probably in the chart.unity3d file but can I modify it and if so, how?

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Yes, you can create custom Charts.unity3d files. But this is a bug with the current chart generation, so creating custom chart textures won’t resolve your issue. This is something that’s planned to be fixed in a future update (alongside some other chart-related bugs).

In the meantime, you could just manually edit your Chart.png in an image editor (such as and replace the unwanted mountain lake with a more preferable color.

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Thank you very much for this fast and helpful answer! May I ask the when this update will be released?

At this time I don’t have a specific ETA I can provide you for that, sorry.

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That’s fine! Still thanks for the information you gave!!

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