How to creat a obj work as Rubble and Dropper,and use their Spawn Table Properly

I use someone else’s obj model (without Rubble),dat file with Dropper.It work well.

I try to set my obj Alive and Dead in unity,but obj can’t work as a Dropper.
Rubble is okay.But Rubble can’t use its Spawn Table…
Any special settings in gameobject?

I have been troubled by this problem for three days… :sob:

What does your object look like in Unity?


maybe i need a example,but package have not

Droppers need a child in Unity named Drop, which is where the dropped item will spawn at.

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soooo,what place in SDG Unturned Documentation can find these settings? :face_with_monocle:
i cant find it,or it is not exist?

Unfortunately, the Unturned Docs site doesn’t include Unity-specific documentation for most assets yet. Our older documentation on Steam is still the only place where we have this listed at the moment. Steam Community :: Guide :: Workshop: Objects

okay thx.maybe you can sort it to docs?

that will be good to new modder.

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Yeah – the goal is for the Unturned Documentation website to eventually include up-to-date for all assets (including Unity setup). The ExampleAssets.unitypackage should also include an example for each type of asset when possible.

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