How to get BattlEye to open virtualized (Sandboxie)

I am trying to create a setup where I have two (or more) Steam client installs so I do not have to tediously change from one account to the other all the time. In doing so, I want to be able to launch Unturned from one of these virtual accounts. Except whenever I start the game, I get this and nothing more

I tried poking around in the options and giving this sandbox as many file/network permissions as possible but it didn’t change anything.

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I stopped running my Unturned server, and manually shutdown BE in the windows services, and I got a little more progress.

I wonder how I can fix this to allow it to run BE

I’ve given it access to the BE files that I know of but it doesn’t seem to work.

To be clear, Unturned nor BE doesn’t have to be virtualized. I just need Steam to be virtual so that when Unturned is launched it uses that accounts info

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BE really does not like running on VMs.
You could use an account manger, that’d much be easier.

So here’s the problem: I don’t WANT to run Unturned nor BattlEye in the sandbox, I just want Steam to run. Like, if it were possible to launch Unturned from the sandbox steam, but open in the real environment, that would be fine.

As long as Unturned can start with the correct Steam information, that is the sandboxed information, then that’s all that matters.

Again, why bother with a VM if you can just use an account manager? This seems like a whole lot of effort for something that is (as far as I know, did next to no research) impossible. You could virtualize the entire process or none of it, but I don’t think you can launch and play in different environments.

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nevermind I just realized I would have to virtualize UT and BE since I want to run two clients at once. Me big dummy.

yeah I dont think its possible. I did a lot of searching and it seems like BE intentionally will not work virtualized because it needs low-level access. This wont be a big problem for my tests, I can just run a non-BE server, but regardless it is annoying because it could have opened up many possibilities (letting all of my friends play Unturned on the same computer, etc)

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