How to get better fps in unturned 3.0

I hear a lot of people complaining about low fps in 3.0, and though this will be fixed in 4.0 (hopefully) this is how you can improve your 3.0 experience.

You want to be using the most of your computer when you play Unturned, so first close anything your not using, a web browser (Firefox, google etc),also close spotify if your not listening to music.
Make sure your computer is clear of viruses (i recommend malware bytes and ccleaner)

Right click unturned and click launch options and enter your computer information
To find out these specs open task manager and go to performance, and CPU, you want to find out your ram cores and logical processors.
-maxMem is your RAM.
-cpuCount is your cores.
exThreads is your logical processors.

For example my launch options are
-maxMem=8000 -cpuCount=4 exThreads=4

Ram Guide:
Most likely if you have 16+ ram you wont have to do the ram option if you don’t want to, but i would recommend doing it anyway.

Also overclock your GPU / CPU.
Warning: Doing this may cause accelerated wear or permanent damage to these components.
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Warning: Doing this may cause accelerated wear or permanent damage to these components.

PSA for those who don’t know computers very well.


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I run fine, and I do not think I can overclock my pc since I have a 250 wt psi, gtx 1050 th, and an i5 6400 with the stock cooler. The cooler is fucking loud when I play games.

most of the time when you push a program to the max your PC will be pretty loud and may even gain some heat around it.

Mine is more like a high pitched sound.

hELLo son. can you. can you help me get the nasty viruses and bugs out of nastie my nasty computeR!??. THANk you. love grandma.

Didn’t know grandma is a trap.


Please don’t sued me.

You can fix the virus permanently by downloading more RAM. To download more RAM please click the window below:

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THAN Kyou. honey. but i dont need more ram! just need you to feed them!!! xoxoxo grammy. still nasties help.

It should be:

Honestly a few dozen megabytes unallocated here or there won’t hurt as long as you’re running the recommended 8gb.

Although launch options may help a bit, if you’re not running powerful hardware in the first place, please run that. Please upgrade your PC if launch options don’t improve your FPS on a low-medium quality INB4 people get mad at my ‘basic’ PC builds

That is true but i just simplified it

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