How to improve groups 101

  • For players that have built structures/barricades before being invited or creating a group, they should have an option to “transfer” their individual ownership to the group so that their groupmates can access those objects. EX, if you build a whole base and then your friends decide to join, if you didn’t build it in a group, you’ll have to salvage everything and replace it in the shared group.

  • For in-game groups, have an entire GUI for all members, on or off of the server. The biggest problem with in-game groups is that you can invite people, they can accept, and then log off and can not be kicked from the group so long as they never log in.
    This can lead to complex situations where you either invite the wrong person and they have every advantage to salvage raid you later, or you need to remove a toxic member from your group but you cant because they aren’t on the server. Either way, this is a no-brainer addition.

  • Add the ability for group admins to create an “alliance” with other groups. This way, on survival or RP, or anything, you will know if someone is an ally or not. There are a lot of situations where I meet a cool group of people and make friends with them but they cant afford to actually join my group.
    I don’t want to kill them by accident, yet, its so easy to kill the wrong people. This sounds like such a simple addition I wonder why it has never been added. Just make it so allies have a different colored name above their head, and still allow PvP among them.

  • Add the ability for one person to be apart of multiple groups, and be able to choose which group will inherit permissions for what they place.
    EX: I’m in Group 1 but I join another, Group 2. Although I am in two groups, I choose Group 2 to be my build group, so when I build anything, only members of Group 2 will have access to it.

anymore ideas?


Those seems like nice ideas. +1

Sounds cool

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