How to make a Escalation airdrop summon grenade?

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Like the bombarder airstrike or how the airdrop system works?

i mean a throwable item.
ID : 51334

when the throwable was threw,it can spawn airdrop

I tried it on a test map to see if the airdrop planes model changed since this can be customised map to map, and as expected it did not change to the vanilla model.

I can’t confirm 100% what is happening since I’m not a dev but my educated guess is:
The impact grenade’s explosion effect spawns an animated effect of a plane flying overhead. It then spawns another effect which simulates the actual airdrop, which when it collides with the ground an attached carepackage.cs script spawns the actual airdrop package.

thx :+1:,this is magic.
maybe i will try to crate my own

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