How to make a skin that uses hair color

Hello I am trying to make a skin and want one part of it to use the players hair color, does anyone know how to do this or am I going to have to make one in each of the general colors and upload them? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Your item’s .dat file should include the Hair_Override string property. Its value should be the name of a renderer that should use the player’s hair material.

When this property is set, the game finds a child MeshRenderer with that name, and changes its material to the character hair material.


Following up on this—the official modding documentation have been updated to clarify similar info as the above. Currently, this is only on the “latest” version of the docs – the default “stable” version isn’t updated to include this info yet.


Thanks for the help, how do I select a part of my model to be part of the child Mesh Renderer in unity so that I can name it and it changes with hair color?

Unless you want your entire hat/cosmetic to change color based on the player’s hair, then you should have two separate models. One for the part that shouldn’t change color, and one for the part that should. In Unity, your prefab should contain both (as separate gameobjects).

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