How to make structures?

I had some ideas and wanted to apply on Unturned, but I don’t know anything about modding. If anyone helps me or recommends something that can help me create structures I would appreciate it.

To clarify: structures, or objects?


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Start by installing the latest version of Unity 2018.4.

Example files, and the files needed to bundle and export custom assets, are all located at …\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Bundles\Sources. The two .unitypackages at root are the main files you should be concerned with. Import those into Unity.

Custom source files

Use a 3D modelling program to make meshes. Unturned uses Blender, but you could choose to use something like Maya.

Use an image editing program to create textures (the texture layout would be generated in the 3D modelling program first – that’s referring to your UV map).


It’s more straightforward than some people think, if you have a certain kind of freethinking mental process. The example assets contain literally everything you’d need to create a mod (as long as you’re not trying to do anything extravagant, like add custom particle effects or use special modhooks). It’s pretty much just: import example asset --> duplicate the example asset --> make changes directly to the new asset --> export new asset.

The only thing that’s been further complicated is the exportation process, due to the introduction of the (optional) MasterBundles. Regardless of whether you choose to use MasterBundles, or just export assets individually, it’ll require some set-up. See U3-Docs and SDGNelson’s guide. @kvc.6 has also created a useful guide on setting up a MasterBundle process.

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