How to make vest with moving hands?

How to make vest with moving hands?
Can there is where any guides?


Do you mean a vest that covers your arms?

In U3, the only movement your vest is going to do is that it will tilt in parallel with your spine. You cannot mesh the vest to your arms.


But how did he do it?
He said he used CharacterMeshReplacemen

CharacterMeshReplacement allows for creating custom player meshes. I don’t know who “he” is, nor what mod that is, so I can’t tell you much about what he specifically did.

EDIT: To clarify, based on the image provided, the actual “vest” (the white camo part) isn’t moving. What’s moving is the character mesh replacement (which looks like it has the exosuit’s support beam things attached to the arm’s rig).

Similarly, the detail on the pants is also part of a character mesh replacement. I’m not sure how he’s decided to do it though. If you look at the Star Wars Droid mod, the character mesh replacements are separate for the body and the head, but it’s only two items.


Hhhm, thanks for the explanation.

When you say “He” do you mean Dumfoozle?

No, I do not know the name of the author

Dude he doesnt know the name of the author smh


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