How to make your environment?(Ambience)

I had an idea to make a city map (abandoned). there are no suitable sounds for this. And that’s why I want to make my own (Ambience file). Please tell me how to do this. and at the same time how to make (effect) which is in the tab ((Environment - >Nodes)). Like the sound of dripping water, etc.

I believe there is a way to bind sounds to object files, say a small object has a sound connected to it through unity. I’m still experimenting with it to figure out how that works, but if I figure it out I’ll come back here and post again explaining it. I do know that its possible, as I’ve seen it be done before. On the note of effect nodes, I also know its possible, however I have no idea how it works.

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Just add an audio source component to the object gameobject in Unity.
I don’t know how important it is but I used a .ogg because .wav wasn’t playing in game.


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