How to permantly ensure gas/water never regenerates

Hey there, I’ve been trying for a while to get gasoline pumps and water wells/towers/etc to never regenerate their water or gas, forcing players to make rain barrels or pump jacks.
I thought, multiple times, I had it, but time and time again proved I was stupid.

Here is what the .config file entails (Notice this is only a snippet, it passes through the linter just fine and everything else works)
Objects.Fuel_Reset_Multiplier: 0.0,
Objects.Water_Reset_Multiplier: 0.0,

I had it set to 0 for a test, you know 0x(Minutes)= 0
I thought I was clever, but the gas and water still regenerated.

Objects.Fuel_Reset_Multiplier: 999999.0,
Objects.Water_Reset_Multiplier: 999999.0,

Then I did a ridiculously high number such as above, and yet it did not work. Despite the immense time, the resources still regenerate.

So I ask, in desperation at this point, what is the solution? Is there a “objects_regenerate_fuel true”?
I am lost.

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These are multipliers on how long it takes for them to replenish. Setting it to 0 makes them replenish faster. (They become eligible to replenish immediately.)

To make it take longer for them to respawn, you should use a higher number. This is something you’ve mentioned trying already. It’s still just a multiplier though, so doing this won’t outright disable the feature. How long did it take for them to replenish when you set it to 999,999?

If you want to outright disable these from replenishing, without needing to edit the map to remove them entirely or using a third-party plugin, you’d have to ask for a new feature to be added. An Objects_Regenerate_Fuel true option doesn’t currently exist.


Wow, thank you for that gameplay_config link–lot better than sifting through a server config file!
As for the time, 999,999, I do not know. All I know is my map has been running on a server, which is on all the time. Probably a little less than a week I would imagine.
“You’d have to ask for a new feature to be added. An Objects_Regenerate_Fuel true option doesn’t currently exist.” How might I come to ask for this feature to be added? Is this a Github operation, or a forums-type deal?
Also, I have to ask what amount of time the “1” in question stands for–is it an hour?
In any case thank you so much for responding so quickly and so helpfully!

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Technically you can just ask on the forums. E.g., by making a new post tagged with the suggestion label. The post can include things like why you’re asking for the feature, what you’re wanting to use the feature for, how other people would benefit from the feature, etc.

Different objects have different respawn/reset timers. This can be seen in the object’s .dat file in the Bundles, and is in seconds.

The config setting for single-player/multiplayer is a multiplier on that. So “1” would be a multiplier of 1. In other words, whatever value the object was configured to is multiplied by 1 (which means it’s just using the default value – it’s neither faster nor slower than normal).


Okay, thank you!

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