How to setup RCON / A web panel for a server?

Assuming server related stuff belongs (in general) in the modding categorey…

How would I go about setting up a dedicated web panel to access my servers and send them basic stuff like STOP, SHUTDOWN, RESTART, SAVE, UPDATE, and of course just direct access to console? And ontop of that, how would I make a login system so only certain people can access certain servers?

Basically the kind of setups renting networks do.

Oi @MoltonMontro why is the troubleshooting stuff in UII?

More accurately, why is a post meant for 3.0 in the 4.0 category

I was under the impression this post is for U4, as it’s talking about web panels.

Regarding logins, you’d just not have every user have the same permissions across the site.

If you’re wondering for U3, most server providers are going to use TCAdmin for their control panel.

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You could probably get a login system setup (there’s tonnes of guides) with PHP, then have those commands set up to some kind of relay to the console. TBH you’d be better off hiring someone to make that for you/asking someone nicely.

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