How to solve the "Greenskin" problem

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As well all know “Greenskins” in Unturned are particularly annoying and there isn’t really a good solution being put forward to solve the problem. I have finally (after many sleepless nights) figured out a permanent solution to the problem: Blue Grass.

If we just make the grass blue won’t the “Greenskins” go away?


funny croods gif:

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the lobotomy took a toll :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Coming soon:

How to solve the “Smurfs” problem


Please add this Nelson, I need it so badly to keep going in life :silent_judgement:

BLUE UNTURNED? More like “Blunturned!”

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Hit the blunturned, not the blunt

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Dream blunturned rotation

I think alot of people would be unhappy with blue grass lol, so why not add the option to change grass colour to what ever you like in options?

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Blue grass is objectively superior, having the ground be blue would make the players more awake and alert and improve the PvP experience vastly.

rgb grass when

Actually there are 2 solutions:

  • Nelson adding a server/map option called ‘Allow_Custom_Skin_Colors: true/false’ (or something like that), just like the same option which manages the option to allow players use multiple characters
  • Or just buying this plugin lol Unturned Store
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Buying plugins :face_vomiting:

But then they just make their skin blue lol

Plug for your own product, which I wouldn’t see as wrong if it weren’t for the fact that there are similar plugins that are free.

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Yep, pretty cringe…

lmao what do you mean. if there were no plugins this game would have died long ago. not everyone have the time to make free plugins

similar plugins that are free.

like which ones? leave here your example of the ‘free ones’ so you can help the community too. i’m leaving the link for that one because it doesn’t require loader and whitelist like the only one available on imperial plugins. so, have the same price, doesn’t require loader, doesn’t require whitelist, and I’m just posting it as a help for anyone wanting the feature since there aren’t other solutions, even P9nda bought it

I do actually take that back. The original product I was thinking of was yours, but it originally had a different icon. I recalled there being one that was cheaper or free, which was in fact yours. As your original version of the product was being sold for 3 USD, whereas the latest version linked is being sold for 5 USD.

That’s one of the most delusional claims I’ve ever seen