How to troll your friends that your playing Unturned 4.0

I just had a cool idea last night
I’m gonna show you how to this cool trick that you can troll your friends with.Just check the screenshots Btw if your gonna make like a youtube video about this troll give me a shout out ive always want to be on youtube ^-^

First choose a useless application i chosed myImugr

Then rename it btw click the rename button

Type in Unturned 4.0 Beta or Unturned II

Go back to steam and click ADD A GAME on the Bottom Left of the steam library

Then click Add non steam game

Choose the renamed application

Click add selected programs its on the left though

Now click on the Unturned 4.0 Beta/Unturned II idk what you renamed it into…

Then click play Unturned 4.0 Beta/Unturned II
and it will appear as your playing Unturned 4.0/Unturned II on their steam notifications on the right side corner of their screens

I think you wasted your time …

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Its ok (10 characters stuff)

Moved to #memes

I’ve changed Minecraft : story mode’s name to “something kinky” once.

about 3 peoples in my friend list unfriended me in that very day.


Thats just sad

I feel like most people disable Steam notifications, 'fam.

Hate to break it to you, but you’re a few years late to the party.

What you’re describing is something that virtually everyone I know knows about already. Including most of this forum, probably.

What if your friends dont know about 4.0?

Awhhhh T–T well it still works though


Uhhh I don’t speak the nish

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