How to use split screen in Unturned II?

How to use split-screen in Unturned II? , I want to play with my friend using a keyboard and PS4 controller, but split-screen doesn’t work.

  1. you need usb cable to connect the controller to pc.

  2. in the main menu of Unturned II, you probably see p1 somewhere right above, click on it.

  3. make a new one and press start on the controller you want to use.

  4. select which player you want to be (p1, p2)

  5. play

Hope this helps c:

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ill try that

this is what I have, but I can’t control another player even with PS4 controller.

I just tried it with one controller and keyboard, it doesnt work.
Then I tried it with 2 controllers and it worked.
So you need 2 contollers.

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Anyway thx

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