How to use the dedicated server app?

Hello i would like to ask how to make a server using the unturned tool that is provided by Nelson (AppID 1110390)
Since i cant wrap my head around it :3

Do you already understand how to create a server with SteamCMD (typically used when hosting multiple servers or using RocketMod)?

From what I was messing with a few days ago, it sets up exactly like a regular server. If you use the scripts that are provided by RocketMod, you’ll possibly have to edit them to point to the correct file locations and app IDs. If you don’t know how to create a regular server just Google it and switch things around if the dedicated server install uses a different location.

Handles the exact same way as the full client (in terms of hosting).

Huh? Am I being dumb because I don’t really understand whatever you just said.

Deus just made a few typos. He was agreeing with your response.

That explains it. Also, one thing I noticed about the dedicated tool is that if you launch it it’ll run something in the background that you can’t see so that may be a potential source of confusion for some people.

Noo not at all :frowning: Sory for a late replying :///

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