How will base physics work in 4.0?

Just a general question, like will everything be all floaty like 3.0-, or will we have a real support system?

Like knock out the bottom floor, will everything else above magically float? Will there be sky bases? And will underwater bases have mechanics to have sealed (water free) chambers withen them?

Just asking since I don’t recall anyone addressing this yet.

Personaly a lax, easy going support system I whould appreciate.

What’s your guys opinions and thoughts?


Considering Nelson wants the core game to be gritty, down to earth survival to the best he can make it, I’m sure he’s going to implement some sort of support system to prevent random floating bases.


Having some kind of simulated attaching system might be a good idea.
You don’t necessarily need to use nails and a hammer to attach a plate, but if you put too much weight on it you either can’t attach any more plates or the connection breaks.

I think implementing a stability system similar to Rust should make it very easy for things like sky bases and plate ladders to be completely impossible.


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