How will the download of 4.0

what will be the access to 4.0 as 3.0 or 2 game near normal Unturned and Unturned excrementory not to pump the game

I apologize, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say. Could you please try and clarify?

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CAn you re-write it, but now don’t use google translator?

I believe he’s asking how we can play the 4.0 version if it’s on testing, and he assumes a beta code would be used like in 3.0

Pardon the language but this man speaks the truth

Gotcha. We really don’t know how the 4.0 update is going to play out, but from what I’ve read, I assume it’ll be like a separate game from 3.0. Maybe the earlier versions will be a “beta” like 3.0 was, but I doubt the full release will be.


Correctly :left_speech_bubble:

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