What do you guys think about the new vehicle skins being worked on?

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Eh, most would probably choose the 3-4 option. I personally like vehicle skins though.

These vehicles skins really shouldn’t be added as an economy item, for real. Not only will they make your vehicle more of a target (most likely), but I am sure a sizeable part of the community is going to paint Nelson as a money grabber.

The only way I can see myself liking these skins if they were just simple paint jobs that you would find in game, not get as random drops or unbox from the market.


I didn’t realize that Vehicle Skins were in R&D. Link?

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The vehicles skins seem to be closed, but they are in the update area, so I fear that they might be added this update :frowning:

Edit: There are also some screenshots from Nelson:

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Oh heck I didn’t even realize he had a Github for all his development. Guess I’m gonna be on Important Unturned related website #23589304913 nearly 24/7 now :wink:

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That’s the same exact idea as cosmetics, skins, and mythicals though. Let people do what they want! They can toggle it on/off anyways just like any other cosmetic item.

I assume this is mostly a test to see how the community reacts for it. Test stuff now so he knows what to consider for Unturned 4.x? This has been suggested quite a bit in the past. The only things I really don’t want to see are model changes as vehicle skins.

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Fair enough, that is a bit of a flawed argument, but I still think that vehicle skins really shouldn’t be an economy item- I just feel like it would be so much better if it was an in game item, say you find a yellow off-roader and black paint, you can now paint your car black instead of blowing up a bunch of other cars until you get the coloured vehicle of your choice.

Side note, I’m not really sure this should qualify as a test after it releases, especially if it’s a economy item, I may not be the best person to talk about these things, but you really shouldn’t let an economy item release and then have the power to pull it back permanently because people spent money on it, but like I said, I’m not really the one to talk about this stuff so please correct me if I am wrong.

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More-or-less in agreement, I want to see how it turns out though.

This is Unturned 3, not Unturned 4.x that it’s being released into. In cased you missed it, I’m referring to it being a test for Unturned 4.x by adding them to Unturned 3 first.

I still think having client-side control of disabling all cosmetics/skins/mythicals from appearing on other people would be nice, though. Even though people may feel cheated out of their money. Maybe Unturned 4.x could just make it so cosmetics replace specific items, rather than just any hat (even no hat).

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I see what your saying here, however mythicals on your weapon or your body is different, because they are much smaller and clothes and weird camouflage exist irl.

However how I would like to see vehicle skins is where an emblem or a straight, simple paint job is applied to the car. Nothing like the rainbow hatchback.

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This. So much this. Nelson’s a great guy, from what i’ve seen of him, but c’mon.

The thing is, i have no problem giving him money, but i want it to go to something cool! Like… TheUnion’s box. Not… this shit.

Nelson, you’re great. Keep being great. Don’t give into things like this. I’ve played unturned since 2.0, i’ve seen this game change from a lot of things into what it is now.

That’s why it was included as an option. Because… honestly, the community seems to be mostly decisive on this issue. Looking at the strawpoll, you can see the majority are either firmly against it, or for it as long as there’s restrictions like serious skins, and it being toggle able clientside.

I’ve felt like client-side control in general just needs to be a thing though, regardless of vehicle skins.

As for the actual strawpoll, I see it more as people being slightly more for it than against it. Not that decisive imo: it’s extremely split, and that’s before the skins are even a thing in-game. Nobody actually knows how it’ll work out, and nobody has an actual basis for their preferred reasoning beyond the “smaller” weapon skins and cosmetics and mythicals.

Nobody actually knows how it’ll work or look or the plans for it, but people are voicing concerns over each of their own personal idea of how it’d work without giving that context. Some people don’t even have an idea on how it’d work but have concerns anyways, and that’s fine! However, it just doesn’t do much for anyone. :man_shrugging:

tl;dr: take the StrawPoll extremely loosely regardless of the results. The poll is not going to capture anybody’s actual opinion, nor contexts/reasoning for it. I kinda trail off subject a bit, but I dislike the topic in general. Polls can be too black-and-white no matter how hard one tries.

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Yeah, but it’s going to have the biggest effect on vehicle skins. But you’re right nonetheless.

Right, except we’ve seen teasers and can basically assume how they’re going to act and function.

The thing is, it’s not as “split” as perceived. While it’s a simple yes no question, the majority of people want certain things to be implemented alongside it. Myself included.


But again, as established earlier, there’s… not very much to not go on. We know they’re going to function like gun skins… except copied onto vehicles. Sure, this gives all the good things that can come of that, but it’ll also inherit the bad. For example, carbon copy skins. Imagine a basic pattern copy-pasted onto like… 20 vehicles. Just not gonna feel right.


But again, that’s a little flawed. Because while it is a simple yes/no question, there’s degrees of the question itself. If people were all for it, they’d say they were all for it. Some of them are. Most of them aren’t. I’m not trying to use the strawpoll as a definitive source, but it is a quick and easy way to get a stance on a basic issue. We’ve got that stance. I sent this to a lot of places in the unturned community, examples being Here, the Subreddit, the Modject, and even the Common Workshop. My point being, it’s a pretty big sample size all things considered.

Also yes we were kind of writing that in tandem.

I did as well. But it was kind of hard to NOT do that while basically writing a full response in tandem.

Right, which is why in this case i tried to make it multiple shades of gray. There’s 5 options, ranging from a simple yes-no, to yes but x, or yes but y, and then finally yes but both x and y.

It’s not just completely black and white.

I uh just edited again


… welp


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Yep. Multiple times before your response even went up. I’m quite indecisive, as you can tell. :wink: I voted for “Both 3 and 4” btw.

True enough, we can go on the few lines of text we were given and the many skins/mythicals we were given. However, it was established a long time ago that if Nelson was to restart and do skins over again from scratch he’d have made all the box skins unique per gun. Vehicles are something I’d expect to most likely be box and stockpile exclusives, in my :brain:.

So how we can assume they’d work:

  • Possibly model changes from your vehicle skin(?)
  • All unique(?)
  • Probably some more generic skins for the rare rarity.
  • Most likely full-body retexture, and not like decals being sprayed on to whatever color the vehicle already is.
    • This would be kinda cool tbh?
  • Mythicals. (Basically confirmed, yah’know?)
    • Most likely new mythicals, or special versions of them that move around differently and stuff so it looks right, unless it’s just on the exhaust.
  • Can be toggled on and off by the owner of the vehicle skin driving the car. (Confirmed.)

As you put it, literally just trying to think of it as gun skins on vehicles. The only difference is that they’re vehicles, and the whole issue with them is that vehicles are entirely different than guns! So… we have to throw everything out and cry now.

As for the strawpoll stuff: it is flawed. The same reasons the strawpoll for suppressor durability was terribly disliked was because you could interpret the data in so many different ways, and context was so far apart between each vote even when voting for the same things. The follow-up was a bit better, but the same principle can apply here. I can you a completely different interpretation of the data, and more-or-less (mostly less) my analysis of the poll options in correlation to context. It is definitely a way to get a basic stance to talk about though. 100% a talking point, which we’re doing right now! :smiley:

tl;dr: hahahahahahahahahahaha what’s that??? Crosstabs. Good discussion, kudos for that though! Can we pivot to model changes for vehicles and guns? That’s a thing I think can happen now.


You brought up a lot of good points, and i wanted to highlight something about the strawpoll.

Honestly, It was just to get community feedback. I’m not going to go shoving this into nelson’s hand screaming “REE COMMUNITY HAS SPOKEN”. Could you elaborate on it being “flawed”, besides just leaving many ways to interpret the data?

And yeah. I’ve never intended it as anything else but to get a (how you put it) basic stance. Never wanted it to be interpreted another way.

Also, speculation aside, while vehicle skins could be interesting, if Nelson’s going to add them i wish they brought something new to the table. Maybe aftertrails or something? Tire smoke? IDK.

But yeah, good discussion.

I dont want to see a Banana Sedan, if Nelson is going to do to vehicles what he did to all the t-shirts.

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Banana t-shirts exist irl. I’m not picky in the apocalypse! :frowning:

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