HUD Concept (U3 screenshot for lack of any decent 4.0 footage)

I’ve decided to make a cleaner and more appealing change to the HUD we currently have, which kind of looks placeholder-ish.

If you would like to edit it, feel free to, but please post your edition in the comments and not as another post.
Here’s the Photoshop file, which also includes a crosshair I ended up dropping, a raw version of the stats bars and a different screenshot.!6hpjzDKJ!3geBIdjwSs6ZMlsqVjgciiEVcs7JmHnOUfXnKIFO61U


I dislike it because it feels too vibrant for a game that is assumed to be darker than Unturned 3. However, it reminds me that we need an easier way to do UI replacement mods for Unturned 4.x.


Also the bar icons/text is still way too hard to read.
I know why that is. I’m still going to mention it anyways.

Just de text, not the icons

You can’t even SEE the breathing icon.

I simply don’t get it. Both the numbers and the icons are perfectly readable, and I’m not even with my glasses on.

The text/icon colour for the status bars is too similar to the bar colour. It needs a black outline or something.

everything else is fine though

You can identify by the color

I made one concept based in yours, with my style:


the contrast on your bars is better

except for health

for health it’s somehow worse

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I like yours a bit more, it reminds me less of a HUD for an FPS unlike Sirba’s does for me a bit, but I’m not sure about giving up numerical indicators on the status bars, nor the large amount of space both concepts give solely to the statuses.

Also, to clarify to everyone, the magazine is called the 5.56mm STANAG Magazine. That is the current official name of it in Unturned 4.x.

That aside, I have to agree that the original’s oxygen icon and this one’s health icon don’t contrast well. Both should be darker.

EDIT: Uncollapse for list of all item names currently if you want that truly authentic concept art for stuff. :wink:

Item List
  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Brown Work Shoes
  • Jeans
  • Nelson’s Hoodie
  • White T-Shirt
  • Eaglefire
  • G19 (No official name yet. Possibly “Cobra.”)
  • An unnamed suppressor for the Eaglefire
  • 5.56mm STANAG Magazine
  • Reflex Sight
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I saw your comment that you talk abou the contrast after I finished the project

What about that?


G19 (No official name yet. Possibly “Cobra.”)

if nelson actually calls the g19 a cobra, then i’ll be convinced that he ACTUALLY doesn’t understand guns.

yeah alright that’s better

I still prefer this minimalist one
Sem Título-1


Where did you get those names?

The Cobra’s name comes from EKO Cobra, which also uses the G19. It’d be pretty plausible, to be honest.

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i was about to elaborate about g18s and shit and then i remembered that the 3.x eaglefire is a civi AR15 with burst fire.

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o f f - t o p i c