HUD edit for more hardness into the game

this me A7hmed9870 [most people calls me A7med or simply Ahmed]
Today i had found an a way to hide or turn off the HUD of the game .
which can make Untunred a game almost without any HUD expect the Flowing icons In-game [Bleeding , Infected , Freezing , Safezone , ETC ]
I don’t know if i should try it out in the official maps and realise it to the workshop soon if anyone wanna try it out
For now i dont want to show of how to do it expect after releasing offical maps with this simple edit
if you want the could contact me in DMs
[offcousre i am not going to claim that the hole work is mine as its small code , makes big difference]
Here is some photos

[note the map is made by me and this is an edit for it not released yet , and maybe i wouldnt release it]

there is one things are going to make you know when to eat or heal or Etc , by the icon that shows the problem you are facing now , i think this could be a little small edit for the boys who wants more hardcore in Unturned , and also the crosshair and hitmakers is shut down by the default single player settings
most likely its going to be in my next maps [ I mean the maps that are made by me 100% or a team]
For now thats it
Let me know whats your thoughts on it
Until Next time

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I’m going to clarify for people since this isn’t a secret and doesn’t need to be.

You can disable HUD elements via a map’s Config.json. This was made possible on February 8, 2019. Plugins can do this too, but what OP is doing is just adding the following parameters to the map’s config:

	"PlayerUI_HealthVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_FoodVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_WaterVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_VirusVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_StaminaVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_OxygenVisible": false,
	"PlayerUI_GunVisible": false,

I believe there’s been other updates that have messed around with this, but the main one is if you want to see the patch notes.


okay i dont have to keep it secret but i didnt know about the code only resonantly
and i didnt understand whats is the OP thing ? about the HUD

OP is shorthand for “original poster”. You are the OP, in this context.


i just disable the hud withe arro key on keyboard or lockpad “dosnt that work anymore?”

The lines he mentioned force it off for everyone. For incase the mapmaker wants it so that nobody can see a certain element like how much health they currently have.


Make sure to not confuse it with “Over Powered”

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Food and water should stay up. How else would you know.

When you’re dehydrated/starving there’s status icons that appear, just like when you’re bleeding or you have a broken bone.

The status icons are definitely more eye-catching than seeing your food/water at 0%, although your screen suddenly going gray is probably a decent indicator too.

Is it possible to Hide the Experience UI
and the Repetition UI currently in game ??

I don’t believe you can hide experience pop-up. What is the Repetition UI?

I meant by the repetition UI is the UI thats shoes up when you kill someone or you have been given by a admin , in the same place of the experience UI

Oh, the reputation pop-up.

EDIT: No, I don’t believe there’s a setting to hide it.

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