Human Blood stained player in game

A few people have pointed out the uselessness of only applying this in close quarters, but I don’t understand the purpose of or problems people have had with some tweaks.

Have the effect applied regardless of distance between the two.

  • I guess people are against this because realism for the sake of realism?

Have the effect applied when looting/butchering the body.

  • If you’re already having to stand still right where the body is, why not just make zombies attracted to dead bodies to begin with? Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler than implementing this whole system just for when your looting/butchering a body?
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It’s not about adding a mechanic or whatnot, this is how the reputation system should work according to Nelson. Because he stated that if a bullet goes past a player by 4m distance, this will mark the shooter as the aggressor which will result in a +ve reputation if you kill them. But that’s not the case. There is something wrong with the coding of the reputation system that isn’t making it work the way Nelson wanted it to work

IMO it’s probably just the fact that 4m is pretty small.

I think it’s rather easy to miss by 4m given how small distances seem in Unturned, so upping it to say, 10-20m would do wonders.

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No, you missed the point. It’s not that 4m is too small (which it is), it’s not working in the first place cuz a few days ago I was getting shot at by someone with ass for aim. But one of the bullets landed right at my feet, it was not even 1m away from me. And when I killed him, I lost reputation.


Well, these systems are never flawless. There’s always weird internal crap to be sorted out, this especially being the case with 3.0’s code.

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The idea is exelent!! The blood dont make sence, but the idea its realy nice!

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Yeah true most fights happen at a longer range but im sure everytime or most of the time you kill a player you go and loot him because of the hard work to search for rewards.

Maybe having the player lose sanity every time they KOS, and the Turned find them easier, since they’ll become more likely to succumb to the infection?

This was actually a thing in Unturned 2.0, if you might remember.

You can guess how that turned out. :man_facepalming:

It was well i did not know because at the time i had no one to play with on 2.0 so yea.

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