Human Blood stained player in game

Well i though of this and it awesome thing that can stop pvp player from killing other now if you dead from a player who killed you close quarter than you might it unfair yea true they are good but like just say I thought of an idea so that pvp can stop another player from killing other this is how.

Blood on player
Effects: Zombie will be able to detect player more often than the nonpvp player.
Q: Will it help other with surviving.
A: No
Q: Is worth
Now I reason why I suggest this is because if someone decides to kill someone than they would have to deal with a lot of zombie in the game, not a thing everyone wants everyone want to be sneaky and gain an attention so yea this could be worth how the method should work there should be a meter like this.
That feel up when you kill a player like this
Because the blood of the player is on you and what happens is that if you are at a certain level a zombie is able to detect you from a mile away cause you have blood
1 Player killed = Nothing
2 Player killed = 1-meter detection from zombie behind them
3 Player killed mean zombie are wild and are ready to kill
This idea may reduce the pvp as if people can work together and not kill each other cause than a zombie will attack them.
Along with this idea, they will be a motive to kill more zombies.
Idea was inspired by the game Nether


Okay but if I blow someone’s brains out from 300m away with a sniper rifle, how do I get his blood on me for this effect to work? Seems like a poorly thought out anti-PvP idea since ~75%+ of all player v player kills are using ranged weapons.

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I have nothing to back this up, this is just an assumption, but I think the average killing distnace in Unturned is about 30m (20~30)

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I mean if you go to loot his body you would probably wind up with some blood on your hands.

But sometimes you just kill for fun. So you’re basically threat-free

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And building off of this, how would it take into account if you’ve recently been shot at to justify a defensive kill rather than KOS? If it uses a timer since he shot or proximity, maybe he was shooting at something else, and you kill him and it counts as defensive even though you were on the offensive.

Due to the highly complex nature of how this would work and the effectiveness of an anti-KOS system, I like to preach that KOS and how players fight each other should be a very hands-off thing in a survival game.


Dude, the current reputation system is flawed, you want an extra mechanic exactly like it and expect it to work?
That is literally how I see the suggestion. Cuz I lost count at the amount of time people attack me, but I kill them and end up losing reputation despite their bullets landing literally next to my feet

I like this idea because it offers a discouragement to killing other players without making it about whether it was or wasn’t morally wrong to kill them, but I think it needs some tweaking.

Either make it so that it’s the body that attracts zombies or that the effect is issued regardless of distance, because all this would do would encourage people to kill eachother before they get too close.

Three kills is way too low of a maximum, and 1 mile is way to far reaching for 3 kills. If it were like that, then as a naked you would just harass geared players until you kill them and get their gear, or until they’ve killed you three times so all the zombies leave the loot spawns to hunt that player down.

Lastly I would like to suggest that this effect should, decrease as time passes, or there should be some way to clean yourself off. inb4 you also need to clean yourself if you don’t use the Bathroom in time

Now i though people no offense would use their common sense to think that if you snipe someone that blood cannot get on you.

Yea also i should have though of that the whole how you going to clean it up well i mean if you clean your self up in the water than in real life that would pollute the water of blood.

If you’re going to suggest a PvP deterrent: why not just play PvE?

Cause it ruins the game even more if your invincible to other players.

Dude the post i made said it was suppose to stop people from killing else other as it attract zombie to them instead they can work together so they don’t attract a zombie to them that what am trying to says.

I think the point Torrasque was trying to make was that most PvP is done with guns anyway, and therefore is an ineffective deterrent. The only thing it would deter is low-geared players with no viable self defense other than melee (or that fresh spawn with the 14% rake).

What I read:
You can stop an aggressive player from killing you by making zombies more aggressive to them as a punishment. Having your blood on them makes zombies easily able to detect them.
You propose a meter system for being covered in blood on a gradient from 1 to 3.

As some have already pointed out, this idea is easily negated by a firearm. You’re not likely to get a significant amount of blood (or any) from a gunshot wound on you with the exception of point-blank shots.

A mile is quite the distance for a zombie to smell. This would make more sense for a wolf in the wilderness to find you easily if you were covered in blood, but a zombie seems like a stretch given human olfactory ability.

I’m on board with the idea of making player interaction have more benefits for cooperation, but the idea should be planned with loopholes and exceptions in mind.

I like the base concept. A few modifications/additions would make this really cool!

Here are my suggestions:

  • Blood from players would only occur in close-range kills.
  • Include gutting zombies and using their blood for camouflage would be neat.
  • Recently deceased players attract zombies so they’re harder to loot and can serve as distractions.
  • If you’re crazy enough, cover yourself in human blood and go on a zombie killing spree!

I agree that the reputation system in place is flawed, but redeemable.

A player’s reputation can be penalized by defending theirself if the attacking player doesn’t get marked.
While primarily for RP purposes, a player’s reputation can be ‘villain’ despite playing benevolently.
The U3 wiki page here shows the criteria for being labeled as an “aggressor” to determine rep + or -.

Some additions to the criteria that may improve the system:

  • Shooting gunshots that land near a player mark the shooter as an aggressor.
  • Healing, feeding, or helping provides a rep +.
    (Not repeatable on the same person X times in Y minutes).
  • Players in the same groups as a player who has rep - suffer a rep loss as well.
    (Less severe than the offender. Players may be more inclined to side with positive players).

Far from perfect suggestions, but there’s my piece on it.

It would have to for obvious gameplay/realism purposes. Blood eventually dries up, and a zombie would be less able to smell the blood after it’s dried.

I’d like a super in-depth survival system to include hygiene, but I figure most players wouldn’t agree.
As Nowhy01 suggested, perhaps a swim in a body of water would clean the blood off you as an alternative.

That’s always an option. PvP is one of the most exciting things about multiplayer in Unturned. The variety of situations makes every encounter a potential story for later on.

I can see why players would view PvP deterrents as a negative addition to the game. Deterrents to PvP should be carefully implemented to accommodate both players who enjoy PvP and players who enjoy PvE, but enjoy the danger of PvP.

PvP combat deterrence can be beneficial to gameplay depth and add enjoyment.
Handcuffs are an alternative to killing other players, deterring killing and encouraging capture instead.
Reputation can act as a deterrent to PvP, intended to encourage RP and to punish murder-hobos.
Even if you intend on killing a player for fun, luring a player to your base to slaughter them for loot to avoid zombies would be a great way to play around OPs suggestion.

Preference to gameplay is subjective, and a loaded server with PvP enabled is asking for an exciting, if not frustrating evening. Though the game would not feel quite as fleshed out without PvE elements or other gameplay additions that provide players with more creative ways to engage with eachother (violent or not).

~After all, if you’re not interested in depth of gameplay with PvP: why not just play arena? :wink: /s

It’s cool that you want cooperation, but even bandits should be able to play their way if they’d like.

I like to work with players to survive. I also like to change things up and kill players for fun.
Unfortunately zombies are not a great hindrance to PvP, and some players shoot first and question later.
A future update could make interactions the way you like more feasible, but the intention shouldn’t strictly be against PvP.


You were saying…?

I quoted your comment stating that exact complaint and gave my suggestions for improvement.
“Shooting gunshots that land near a player mark the shooter as an aggressor” would be a suggested addition to the criteria that currently existed.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Did you think there was more to add?

What I do want is after butchering animals, the blood would attract the Turned or something.

I dont think the blood and attraction idea is necessary.

If you kill a player up close or loot a dead player body you should get covered in blood.
Reason why just this would be really important is because then players can look each other from a far and get sort of an image of another player and whether he is a threat and should be killed or should be communicated with.

For example if you see a person running with a fully automatic rifle fully covered in blood and guts you could use common sense and figure out it isnt the best idea to peacfully show yourself.

As many people in this thread have pointed out, the vast majority of PvP happens at mid to long range. Therefore this would be mostly pointless (until you get around to looting the body).

However, I do agree with @RedCo’s idea that zombies should be able to smell blood from the deaths of players and animals for a good distance.