Hunt, PVE

  1. adds vital organs to animals but you can not see them.unnamed (1)
    -the injured animal will die after a long period of time (1-2 min)
    -you can see the blood line that will lead to the animal (hunter skill)
    -you can see traces of animals (hunter skill)
    -x ray organs (hunter skill)

  2. traps must also be present.
    the most classic traps:downloadimages
    -the trap will keep the animal permanently (permanent stun)

  3. the most used weapon should be the bow.SX355
    -Hunting weapons can be found in mountain chalets.
    -bears attack you (same 3.0)
    -if the wolf alone is not attacking
    -the fox only attacks nearby (if the hunter is alone)
    -wolves attack you (in large group)
    -wolves are afraid of fire (a fire at night can save you from wolves)
    -wild boars often attack you very rarely
    -the wounded animal will run randomly

  4. using the skin.
    -it takes a knife to take the skin and the meat (medium minigame)
    -the leather can make clothes (same 3.0)

    -you can build cosmeticsAlces_alces_elan_trophee_chateau_Tanlay

5.if you do not have rot you make a spear


Interesting idea.

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