Hunturned (Gamemode suggestion)

A simple game-mode with a plugin where you could click /hide while facing an object to receive an outfit that morphs you into that tiny object would be a really cute idea for an unturned server. Allow rotation and the like too.

Pretty much prop hunt but unturned. I don’t know why the community stopped at okay’ish 5v5 gamemodes and arena, which was… okay.

Just wish the community had more creativity. Feel free to rip random ideas I occasionally bring up, they’re here to be ripped since I don’t have the time to invest atm, but I at least hope someone will get a ball rolling into making something fun.

To make some of it work, I guess one possibility could be to have a command you type in, or hopefully someone can produce a button pressed as the hider, that’d clear your inventory to remove previously used outfits, and then give you a full body mesh of whichever compatible object you clicked on which can be worn to mimic that object. It’s a cute idea.

Just hoping Unturned players could focus more on fun (I know I’m part of the problem) considering the state of the community from what I’ve seen.

I remember this existed back in the day but nobody played it so they turned off the server


lets bring it back, femboys are back on the menu boys

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