Hurricane Micheal - PLEASE STAY SAFE!


Hurricane Micheal is threatening the Florida panhandle - unfortunately, I live there, and am evacuating to Florala (an actual town for those wondering).

Please stay safe.

storm surge and it hasnt even rained yet

Quote from me earlier:
so this fucking sucks
i’m evacuating to florala
we are directly in the center of landfall
shit could quite possibly be a category three when it touches down
school is canceled for the next two days
i came home expecting “aw yeah time to play sims 3 for two days straight”
next thing i know i’m taking pictures to inventory everything on our bottom floor


well shit, dien’t mate



Good luck in the storm, hope no one gets effected by it


Stay safe.


if you die
im coming for ya
so u better live
(stay safe btw)


please stay as safe as you can ok nerd?

good. now go and live!


Go to your nearest vault.


i’m waiting patiently for Hurricane Chad


I’m waiting for a hurricane to kill me


For all those involved, stay safe mates.



casually observes hurricane while inside said hurricane

Yep, everything checks out.
this picture was from a long time ago


My country got no hurricanes :sungllas


Your country can’t have natural disasters if there’s no country left to disaster

But actually though it’s a category 4 now. Big RIP


Stay woke’


Stay safe and protect your sims


i hope the hurricane pulls a 180 and goes directly into me so i am the only death


Since most of the frogs are gey from the chemicals in the water, i really dont mind the hurricane wiping out a few. (Frogs though)


When I created this post, Micheal was a category one. In the space of less than two days, it jumped to category four. We were terrified up here, until we got word from our neighbors that the expected 6-9 feet storm surge barely came up to our garage. Dodged a bullet the size of BOSS rk boys

a massive pine tree crushed our garage though rip, i’ve also got one day of school before a three day weekend, okaloosa county trolled us epic style


so you are telling me it wont kill me?