Yesterday i see a new game from the creators of Hypixel called Hytale, looks like minecraft but with some more things. What you think about this?
P.S: riot games also is behind in the creation of the game


I think the textured don’t fit the models, too detailed.


It looks interesting, found out about it after trying to troll a bunch of little kids.

I’ll try it out once it comes out.


My eyes–
looks like a cheap minecraft ripoff
reminds me of a heavily modded minecraft with weird 32x texture packs.
No. Nope.


Looks too alike to minecraft. If i were to make another videogame, i wouldn’t base it off the same game my own damn server is from.


i don’t think i’ll ever abandon minecraft for it, but i’ll take a look at it for sure once it releases to the public


It really doesn’t, but whatever you say guys.

Just to let you know, just because a game is made out of blocks doesn’t mean it’s a Minecraft ripoff.

If you don’t agree, then how about this. Minecraft is a ripoff of a few other games, as you could mine and build in blocks in those games.

Of course those game are long forgotten in the shadow of Minecraft.

But just remember, if hustle is “a rip off of Minecraft” then Minecraft is a ripoff of those games.


What games? I know, the Idea was taken from InfiniMiner, but you said “few other”


How so? Minecraft released in 2009,
Terraria released in 2011,
Cubeworld released in 2013,
The Blockheads was also released in 2013,
Trove was Released in 2015
Starbound was Released in 2016,
And Finally, Hytale was released in 2018 (assumed)

If this is what your talking about then i proved you wrong considering these are games made after minecraft’s release


Of course you don’t remember, but

And there were a few other ones that I can’t remember the names of.

Also, hytale hasn’t even been released yet, (and won’t be for a while) all we know is you can use a build tool of sorts to make towns, but we never saw anything about mining.


Remember the fallen.



bUt YoU sAiD



And I said, I know there are more but I don’t remember the names of those.


So, no proofs except of InfiniMiner. K


… Really?

TBH, infiniminer should be proof enough, but I know there were 1 or 2 more games that Minecraft took inspiration from.


alright Infiniminer was one game minecraft ripoff, but i’d only consider it a full ripoff if infiniminer had much popularity to it


So, you consider a game a ripoff only if the game it was based on was popular?

Ya know that’s really stupid reasoning, right?

If you consider one similar thing a ripoff, you have to think of all the similar things as ripoffs. You can’t consider one thing a ripoff, and the next specifically based on popularity.


Okay wait what the fuck
A conversation about games being minecraft ripoffs because block/voxel graphics…
in 2018.



Minecraft and Hytale have two different artstyles, Minecraft is a more simple blocky look while hytale has a voxel setup with higher res textures. Visual wise you are wrong but I can see why people are making the comparison, It’s an obvious one to make.

bringing up infiniminer helps no one here because no game is 100 original lads, People are allowed to look a game and say “I wanna do that! But in my own way!”


I was attempting to prove a point that none of them were ripoffs.