I am a stupid idiot (hacked steam acc)


My steam account has been hacked, if you recieve anything from me DO NOT click on it. I also need help getting it back.


You are indeed the stupidest of the idiots! But I love you :smiley:


Also, i have to be signed into a steam account to report a stolen account and i dont understand it :frowning:

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Do you have the email you had linked to the account? Also do you still have your mobile auth if you had any?


they changed the email and phone number from the account so i changed the passwords of all my acounts

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Did you get a message in your email to let you know that it was being changed?

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That’s all I can help

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Wait, they cant simply change emails without confirmation from the old email.
Also, dont you have 2FA?

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Well, they DID. I’ll post what steam emailed me:

And there’s another email i cant acces on my phone which says that the main pc of my account has been changed to some wierd ip in russia, and that the main account email was changed.

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And steam support isnt helping because there is no other option to say that the credentials were changed.

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Enter account name

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Everything has been changed, it doesnt work.

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How? How did this even happen?

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Search for your old name on steam , find the new name and use that in the account recovery.

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Account name can’t be changed, if I you meant it.
Enter your account name, press “search” and fill these windows:

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Now I remember, yeah put in the name that would show up in the top right corner of steam whenever you got on.

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EDIT: https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithLogin/

You should always use Steam Guard and other 2Factor Authentication methods to keep your accounts online secure.

Never click on suspicious links, and use the report button on someone’s profile to:

  • Report advertisement spamming
  • Report group invite spamming
  • Report suspicious accounts
  • Report accounts you believe to be compromised
  • Report suspicious links
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Ok, i misunderstood what it meant by account name. I’ve sent a help request with pictures of all my steam gift cards and receipts.

Hopefully this works…

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So, i was in a CS:GO match, then all of a sudden i couldnt connect to the steam servers. Then i got the emails. So what i believe happened is that a friend of mine, who i haven’t talked to in like 5 years (and i signed into my accout on his pc at the time) used my steam account “to check” if a fishy website was legit. Instantly it shut off my Steam Guard, (idk how because i had this enabled and i also have 2factor authentication on), changed my password, and changed the main pc.

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