I am regular :D


I’m so happy!


Welcome to Meme Hell kid.


we’ll be serving ticket #42
please wait in the lobby ma’am



w e l c o m e t o h e l l


While I’m still trying to retake it…:sob:


One of us, one of us, one of us…


What are the requirements for Regular?




Must have given 30 likes

I almost never like/upvote comments so I’m gonna have to get into the habit of that now. Enjoy the free like


Congrats! :grin:


eh, it’ll take you a while


Hey, no genuine enthusiasm allowed!
Being a Regular is no joke, none at all.
All it says is how much you enjoy the horrible pain which has been granted upon you by lord Nelson himself; judging by your persistence in spite of the boring, repetitive events which take place in the SDG forums.
Here, you will argue about pointless things for all of eternity. As a regular, you are bound to this duty.

That being said, I’d say that being a Regular is much worse than you think. Take it from me, not one of the other brainwashed Regulars which roam the forums. Look, look at this.
Do you think that this is something worth being enthusiastic about?

No, I think you should leave while you still can, until you turn into one of them.
One of us. (one of us, one of us, etc)
Not only that, but you’ll eventually degrade into a shitposter when there’s nothing left to argue about.
It’s why so many Regulars are in the lounge all the time, even more than Unturned II. Regulars don’t often post suggestions unless they’ve been granted reason to do so from lord Nelson Sexton himself, being summoned to do so by his incredibly sexy voice.

Leave while you still can!

Hell yeah, this is sarcasm.
Being a Regular is great!
I’m not being forced to say this, not at all.


Just keep visiting the forums regularly and you’ll get it eventually, keep in mind that it can decay, did for me but I got it back.


leave while you still can


spebby fake regular???/? oMG