I am worried

I am worried if that when we go into Unturned 4.0 it will reset us completely and have a new start . Because if we do people will get angry from them losing all of their things that they might have even paid money for like Unturned Gold ( the customization and items that you get from purchasing it ) people also pay money for crates and keys so if there is not a thing to replace all of that like a bunch of exclusive crates that don’t need keys the fall of Unturned would happen everybody would leave because they spent all of their hard earnings on the game and then the game would be something that nobody would want to play again because all of the youtubers would go away and all of the community would follow with them and leave because it would go in a chain reaction of one person leaving then another and so on. So I am warning you that you have to do something or else the game will be DEAD

Ull will be a different game, you will keep all of your stuff in 3.0


But then nobody would be playing 3.0 so the stuff in 3.0 wouldn’t even matter

If they’re willing to abandon their Unturned items to play Unturned II, then they obviously don’t love their Unturned items so much that no one will play Unturned II. Your original post and your reply are fairly contradictory of eachother.


That’s kind of what happens with games, especially when the Sequel is literally a step up in every way, and doesn’t have nightmarish code best comparable to what happens when you cook Spaghetti & Ramen in a washing machine.


So this is the end :frowning:

Yeah. Only thing that will keep 3.x alive is that UII won’t be complete when the Alpha comes out, thus players will stay on 3.x until UII is done. Modders will be the only thing keeping 3.x alive. And the second that they can, they will drop 3.x and move to UII modding. Modding for 3.x is so damn boring unless your making a map, due to the fact that you can’t really introduce new features because of how Unturned is coded, instead you have to ask Nelson to add new features, that only you will use.


Think about UII as a new and different game. You don’t get your progress back from borderlands 1 to bordelands 2 for example. Or better you can’t expect that for buy the one you will get for free the second one your post just make no sense.

Btw things will die in somepoint(nothing last forever) don’t expect that developers are in the obligation to make things you buy two years later still woth it.

My point is, I had unturned 3 gold, when buy I pay for Unturned 3 gold nowhere say that it include content for future games it say only unturned 3 gold, so deal with it and don’t be a penny pincher. Nelson deserves a lot more believe me

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are ya salty ??

You probably bought a lot of mythicals


If they couldn’t accept eventually losing something they paid for they should of never put money into it. Nothing lasts forever so I see paid content as a way to support others and enjoy things for the moment until I find something worth replacing it with.

Personally I am totally not bothered about it. That’s how it works for every game series; there are purchases that exists in each game that do not relate/connect to each other as they are separate games.

You should know that: By purchasing something you are making a transaction to that specific game, not the whole series or the developer’s whole work.

If people are getting angry over it, ignore them. They’re just self-entitled people who expect monetary compensation or bonuses, or that they believe in a false, non-existent system that rewards ‘loyalty’ or high expenses


Its bassically like that video of some Buddhist ppeople making an amazing artwork, and then destroying it because you should never be attached to something.


Lol this is how games work…

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Lol, people buy new games. Look at any sequel ever, people don’t mind that they have to buy new stuff, play a new game. That’s why they got it.

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