I calculated the percent that each map takes up of its real-world counterpart

edit: this stuff is incorrect

Actual size is the size that the place takes up IRL, the map size is the size of Unturned’s version of the map, and then map percentage is the percent of the irl location that the ingame map takes up.

Just some fun information I calculated because I’m totally not procrastinating

  • Russia
    ** Actual size: 10,624,889,000 m^2
    ** Map size: 1,000,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 0.0094%

  • PEI
    ** Actual size: 3,516,417 m^2
    ** Map size: 250,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 7.109%

  • Greece
    ** Actual size: 81,994,467 m^2
    ** Map size: 1,000,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 1.220%

  • Yukon
    ** Actual size: 299,775,726 m^2
    ** Map size: 250,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 0.0833%

  • Cyprus
    ** Actual size: 5,748,577 m^2
    ** Map size: 250,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 4.348%

  • Washington
    ** Actual size: 114,846,000 m^2
    ** Map size: 250,000 m^2
    ** Map percentage: 0.218%


I’m concerned as to where these numbers came from.


I was told that an insane map was 4,000,000 m^2, so I went from there

They’re incredibly wrong, by a lot.

Insane  →  8192 m × 8192 m  →  67,108,864 m2
Large   →  4096 m × 4096 m  →  16,777,216 m2
Medium  →  2048 m × 2048 m  →  4,194,304  m2
Small   →  1024 m × 1024 m  →  1,048,576  m2
Tiny    →  512  m × 512  m  →  262,144    m2

Also, the sizes of the real life places is incorrect. For example, Cyprus’ actual size is 9,251,000,000 m2. This means the in-game version is ~0.0453389…% the size of the real life version.

It’s worth mentioning the specific regions certain maps were designed for.

e.g. Russia map is the European half, Greece map is a very particular region that I don’t know the name of, and Hawaii map is the island of Hawai’i

also realizes Hawaii is not on the list

I like how PEI is the closest

The Russia map’s locations are primarily from European Russia (although it does include some Asian regions), but for the most part none of it really matches up with the landscape. At best, we can say Camp Oleksandr is meant to represent where Crimea would/should begin to end up, although Yekativurg realistically really straggles the border between Asian and European Russia.

That aside, Cyprus is at least based on Cyprus.

All of European Russia would be ~3,992,500,000,000 m2 (all of Russia would be ~17,098,246,000,000 m2). Personally, I’d only include only the European parts of the Central, Northwest, Volga, and Ural federal districts, which would be ~3,345,900,000,000 m2. 10,624,889,000 m2 is smaller than Russia’s smallest federal district (the North Caucasian).

PEI should be ~5,660,000,000 m2. Washington is 184,830,000,000 m2.

It looks like you Hexadecimal probably didn’t square a lot of things whenever he did hisconversions, which threw off all of his numbers for the real life sizes. At the very least, I was able to replicate his Washington number by using the wrong units.

I’d also like to add that there’s no logical reason these should be in m² and not km².

It’s like measuring the entire area of Canada using square yards.

Eh. You used meters originally so I’ve kept it as such when posting it here. :man_shrugging: When measuring the in-game map sizes it’d make a bit more sense to use m instead of km, but those are a lot simpler to write down and be done with.

But…it’s the metric system. 1 km is 1000 m, it’s literally taking 3 zeros away.

Eh, whatever

And that’s the point! I was invalidating my argument that it at least made sense for in-game maps, because the in-game size is less dominating than real life.

EDIT: also accidentally called you Hexadecimal. RIP


You should seriously procrastinate some more so you can go back through and fix the values though. It’d appreciate you more as a human if you did. :wink:


if your the measurements are of the coast line it will vary and by quite a bit, its called the coast paradox, there is no definite way to measure a coastline

We aren’t measuring fractals here. The coastline isn’t that relevant to the original post either.

coastlines are basically fractals

Coastlines have nothing to do with land area.

then how do you get the land area?

some borders are susceptible to the coastline issue

my point is simply that measurements will vary from source to source depending on how they measured it, in game its easier I would assume though

In real life we can use standardized information, which even with some variation is not billions of square kilometers different. In-game the information was given years ago, although on most maps this playable space will include water also.

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Area does not incorporate coastline length. Even if it did, the difference that you’re suggesting is so negligible that it would have a minimal effect on land area.

If you remember elementary school math, area and perimeter are two different things that are measured via different methods. Area is far easier to measure, though obviously I don’t 100% know how sources collect data like this.

Either way coastline length is irrelevant to the original point, especially when considering some coastal areas can just be taken fully into account.

I haven’t even started on territorial waters yet.