I can not play!

Hello! It’s been some time since my unturned 3.0 has a very annoying problem, which prevents me from playing. Basically I can not do anything when I enter a map, I can not move the character, nor open the inventory and nothing else! I tried to check the integrity of the files by steam, I also tried to reinstall the game, but nothing solves this problem, can anyone help me?

check your key binds.


Where did your HUD go? And why is there a mouse cursor in the middle of the screen? I have a feeling you opened up the devkit by accident. Press the tilda key (~) below your escape key

that’s probably just because the menu is on but the hud disappeared, afaik even thought the hud doesn’t show up (0 hud scale) it doesn’t make the cursor disappear


There was only one thing I had never tested to see if I fixed this bug, which was to change the graphics, and solved it! For some reason that I do not know, when I changed the graphics and restarted the game, it was working. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

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