I can't ascend with a blimp

So i’ve been trying to fly with a blimp and i can’t ascend. Ctrl doesn’t do anything, i just stay on the ground and can move forwards or backwards and i can’t do anything else.


I cannot start the game rightnow but i belive if you go firstperson and aim Up then you will fly up or then its when you tap Ctrl or shift it changes between up and down

No, i tried it but it doesn’t work.

Have you looked in the controls?

Yeah and it should work, but it doesn’t.

you must pray to the lord

I’ve never been able to recreate this issue, and still can’t. What key do you have your Quick Action control bound to?

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I just checked and It’s CTRL

If you change it to a different key, does the new key work for ascending?

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It does! Thank you so much.

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