I can't enter unturned 2

hello, I just updated the 2 without turning and when it started only the loading screen appears and then it turns black and does not enter, the problem will be the game or mine?

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well theres your problem

you just need to turn the 2 around

nah but in all seriousness, I have no idea what you mean


get oofed by nelson

Is there a crash log in the files, or crash message on that black screen?

i have the same problem:
LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line:249]
Result failed at

Happens everytime i try to launch

There should be a .dmp file in the crash folder, could you attach it in an email to me at nelson@smartlydressedgames.com please? Using the .dmp file I should be able to track down what’s causing the crash.

Interesting that it includes the path to the source file in the shipping build.


Mr. Nelson, I don’t know where the lock folder is if you have any other name with which you can recognize more easily, I appreciate it.

Sorry, it is hard to find at the moment:

  1. Paste “%localappdata%/U4/Saved/Crashes” (without quotes) into the Windows File Explorer
  2. Open the most recent crash directory
  3. Attach the UE4Minidump.dmp file in your email

In the future I’m hoping to setup an automatic crash report process so that you don’t have to manually find the crash file.


Thanks for the crash report! Here’s a new topic describing a temporary workaround: Startup Crash Workaround


now to just wait

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