I cant find any master servers at all

Message says No version or servers found on the master server but when i go onto a new steam account i can easily join any server with the same filters someone please help.

You have something typed into the “Server name” box (see the one that has no words in it?). It’s probably a few spaces or the like. Delete that text and refresh.


yeah I was gonna say that, but I had to go before XDXD

This happened to me a long time ago, and i thought Unturned servers were just taken down.

Thanks to everyone who responded i’ve had this happening for a year and i had to hold backspace for like 10 mins because of the spaces I appreciate the responses


Nelson really should add a safeguard to the server browser so that if only spaces are typed into the search bar, then the search query is automatically deleted when the person clicks out of the search bar.