I cant get into Unturned 4

I have 4300 hours in the game and the orange beret with the invitation ticket but I still after all this time have not been able to get into the unturned II demo. if someone could help that would be nice (I have already tried re install/verify ect)

You have to manually claim access from in-game.

I have alreadt tried I have No button to reclaim

(same story every where else)

and instead of a reclaim button I just see the map pack

What’s above the Stockpile button in the in-game inventory?

Can you screenshot your inventory menu?

Have you tried using the ticket from your steam inventory?

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As redcomm said, it only works in the steam inventory, not in-game. To get to the steam inventory click on the big tab at the top with your name, then click on inventory. Then, choose Unturned and find your experienced beret. There should be a claim access button on the item.


Well, that does sound like something I would say, but I don’t remember saying it.


You an redomm’s pic are to similar at a quick glance


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