I can't open Unturned on my mac

Every time I try to open unturned, it opens for a brief second, but then instantly closes. Any suggestions?

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thanks you two for helping out -_-

Post a crash log.

what version of mac do you have?chack the raquired minimale setting of unturned

Assuming you mean “What version of mac do you have? Check the required minimal setting for Unturned”, then my reply would be that you could have a rotten potato computer and still run this game, so it’s not a version problem.

People cannot help you if you refuse to follow through on stuff people ask of you. You came here for help, so at least give the benefit of the doubt to even the simplest of things, more so if the original post doesn’t contain information regarding the issue besides that it exists.

What are your specs?

What is the crash log?

How long have you been playing Unturned before this issue started? Has this issue happened in the past?

Have you tried verifying cache? Have you tried reinstalling (manually deleting the files included is a part of that)?

Are you subscribed to Workshop mods? If so, are they outdated? Have you tried disabling them all?

define specs.

I never get a crash log, it just opens, loads for 2-3 seconds, then closes again.

about 4 years; Yes, I was among the many who experienced the mac bug a couple months ago.

Define verifying cache. I have not yet, I will now.

I just unsubscribed from them all.

In game files will be folder with name with date when crash happened. There is crash log

What do you mean by “Define specs” he is asking for your computers specs.

he means your computer hardware, thats what computer specs are, like whats your graphics card and such

sorry for the slow reply, here are my specs.

MacBook Pro (retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel Iris 1536 MB

Your specs (as weak as they are) are pretty comparable to my personal laptop. While I can’t get more than 15 frames, there’s no crashing. My two suggestions would be either get new memory for your existing laptop, preferably 8-16Gb of at least 2400MHz or build a cheap gaming PC. Laptops, and especially MacBooks, are especially bad at gaming, mostly limited to TDP limits (Underclocked chips in most cases to circumvent) and low amounts of weak RAM.