I cant play unturned :((( help

Hi i was playing unturned normally 1 years ago , but one day my graphic card burned up. so i’ve changed my graphic card and also my windows. also my new graphic card is better than the previous one.
but now when i want to launch unturned , in preloading skin assets my pc always get restarts :frowning:
I’ve Verified the files about 100 times! and i reinstalled again but non of them works i deleted my workshops but doesnt works.
my previous graphic card : nvidia GeForce GT 510
now : nvidia GeForce GT 610

Are you experiencing this problem in any other game?

all of the games that i had in my pc when i’ve used my previous graphic card are working fine but not unturned but some new games that i’ve downloaded some of them have this problem too. but not all of them
forexample garry’s mod is working fine but not Codename: cure.

It sounds like overheating. Download a temperature monitoring software and check your cpu and gpu temperatures

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thanks im gonna download it right now
but what should i do if its overheating?

If it’s gpu then you can increase fan speed in MSI Afterburner, if it’s cpu change thermal paste or buy extra fans for you case.

so i have forgotten to tell you something about 6 years ago my Cpu overheated and then
i’ve bought a new fan for it and the problem fixed.
wheni was playing unturned and then my graphic card burned up and then my pc doesnt turned on. so i bring it to somewhere to fix it and it fixed . i’ve bought a new graphic card but after that i tried to launch unturned but doesnt works…
i tried with my previous one but still doesn’t works…

can it be from my CPU again?? its very awful CPU and I think my cpu is the main reason like 6 years ago.
my cpu : Intel Pentium G620 2.6 GHz

kinda i have checked task manager while it was loading unturned
CPU And Ram Were both 100% full
i thought that problem is cause of my ram but it wasnt
again i’ve ran unturned and while it was loading the game i’ve closed alots of background things my ram was 66% and then my pc got restarts again…
and my ram is 4

You can also try launching the game with integrated gpu to see if it works that way.

Open NVIDIA Control Panel>manage 3D settings>program settings find Unturned then select as preferred graphics processor Integrated Graphics

I’m surprised you can even run Unturned 3 on a Pentium and 510/610 without heating your computer to fusion temperatures, lol.
I’d think that your problem is in RAM since the crash is during preloading, but 4gb should be enough to run the game and you said it wasn’t a problem with RAM.

So my last thought is that it might be a CPU issue. Try testing the temperatures in a monitoring software like CrazyCat said, and if it’s too hot, you might want to get a new/extra fan and/or add new thermal paste.

lol yeah but comeon GeForce GT 610 is a good Graphic card its not a gaming graphic card but still it can Run Survarium and Call of duty MW 3 and gta IV Lol But yeah im gonna test them soon.
and also i think still that is from my CPU cause my Cpu is trash but gonna test GPU too but i dont think its from GPU cause I can play Games Like call of duty modern warfare 3 !
It must not be from My Graphic card But im gonna make sure about it lol…

I hope that i can play Unturned II Too cause Unturned is awesome at all :frowning:

hmmm I have no nvidia Control panel WTF !

MW3 and GTA IV came out in 2011 and 2008, the GT 600 series came out 2012, so I’m not surprised it can run them. Unturned is a very demanding game, some of the higher up cards in the GTX 1000 series have trouble running it.

Unturned II is much better optimized than Unturned, if you can run Unturned, you can probably run Unturned II.

Do you have your drivers installed?

oh ok!
yeah i heard about it that it optimized better :smiley:
yeah my graphic card driver is installed

Just gonna download Nvidia Control panel from microsoft store

Haha, no.

I’d recommend 8 gigabytes as a minimum. I’ve seen Unturned allocate all of my 16 gigabytes of memory before, it’ll eat up RAM worse than Chrome at times.

it wasnt from my ram problem
i tested

By that I mean 4gb should be the bare minimum to get it running. I agree 4gb is atrocious, but if you REALLY have to it’ll “work”

so yeah i found why i didnt had nvidia control panel and i fixed it .
if anyone had my problem that nvidia control panel doesnt shows for him/her he/she can use this video in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds2mw_EiPAk