I can't wait to play the game! (I have parental controls set so I can only play on weekends)

Could someone send a link to where I can learn the mechanics of the game and controls? Or just tell me directly? Very please?

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Damn… you can play only on weekends? That’s very sad


I know :frowning: i used to have it set for every day for two hours, three hours on weekends (including Friday)

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Before u play unturned, play a game like apocalypse rising on roblox for about an hour.


If you’re playing Unturned for the first time, I can recommend you to watch some videos like “Tips for beginners” on YouTube

Pretty basic controls

Wasd to move
Left click to shoot/attack
Right click to aim/attack

Oh and you might need a gasmask for advanced locations like silo 22 or the German town

Wait, is school back for you? I think the southern hemisphere has school right now.

You hare parental controls…?

Sir, how old are you?

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13, why? …

Thank you!

psst only people with high iq can play such a complected game, my iq is 420.69 an im a master at this game

Sorry, had to ask.
There’s an age minimum of 13 to be on the Forums iirc so you’re good.