I don't get the "MK II" achievement

Hello, I have tried to do the “MK II” achievement several times and no matter how many times I do it, the achievement does not complete, everything works fine but the towers do not activate. Is it a mistake? Could someone help me?

Have you completed the “On Air” quest before attempting the easter egg?

Yes, I fixed the towers before the Easter egg and then recharged them and the beacons still don’t light up.

You may have forgotten something like getting a tool kit or something im not sure im pretty dumb and forgot how the russia questline works. Or maybe you forgot to complete 1 quest or didn’t get something required from an npc. Or maybe it is just genuinely broken for some reason like my buak quests seem to be. Maybe try making sure youve completed every quest and running through the full dialogue of every npc could fix it, or maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling unturned. Hope this helps!! ≽^•⩊•^≼