I dont like how the buak boss key obtaining process goes down tbh

(This post will only be on the gameplay part of the buak questline and more specifically the Bossrush/memory portion.)

How come the boss keys are just at the end of the memories/factory questline, aside from killing a boss zombie (or 4 of them and an entire questline if you decide to knock the fourth key out of the way first) it still feels like the player doesn’t really have to do much for 3 of the 4 boss keys.

Anyways here is my idea on how to fix a problem that probably only affects me specifically:

what if the keys were instead hidden throughout the map requiring the player to find them kinda like the mk2 questline.
example: key number three (the kylie anderson detective one) is hidden somewhere in the map but there is a trail of notes (most likely starting from the detective agency in burywood) that lead the player to where the key is.

What do you guys think about this idea?

(sidenote: I downed one of those “mtn dew liberty chill” drinks yesterday, im pretty sure one of the 50 flavors was an entire adrenaline shot or something so i did not get sleep last night, so yeah this post might not be peak sodazone42 shenanigans)

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