I don't want to be copystriked!


Guys, This is so very sad. I can’t use copyrighted soda flavors, or I might get copystriked, so I need some inconspicuous/ingenious soda name parodies for these 3 soda brands!

Coca Cola

Mountain Dew


I will not be accepting Bepis for an answer, do to phallic correlations. I’ll choose the three best and have it for a vote in the next blog for candyland.

  • Good ol’ fashioned cola

  • A peak’s rain

  • Death in a bottle

Hope this helps.


Ok so

Bottled Cola

NRG Drink

Bottled Soda

Thank me later


:frowning: These are too original

  • Soca Soda
  • Fountain Dew
  • Peppi

Sometimes, one letter is all you need. Hope that helps.


red coke
creek piss
blue soda


where’s Dr. Pepper


XLR8 Dew


Coal Coke


Pesky's Premium soda
Now with more chemicals and antibiotics

edit: i just got word from the higher ups that i’m not supposed to be sponsoring my products without being licensed by the national drug union.

but i don’t care, my business is flourishing with at most 12$.


heres my input:


How about making them map themed

Carioca Cola (Rio)
Dublin dew (Ireland)
Athens Arena soda(you know it :wink:)


Dr. Ploxx
Joke-a cola
Valley Drip


I love Dublin dew only because it sounds like a cod zombies perk. If we are going for that sort of naming scheme:
Candy Cola
Dewdrops Dew or Dandy Dew
and Ghost valley soda




no bepis plox


just steal the names from the Dub The Dew contest, i’ll post a picture of the top 10.



I’ll take your entire stock


one of them was just called pepsi and another was poison


f word


you were supposed to put it in the thread dumbass
and it’s too late to change the poll now