I found a way to increase Unturned performance if you are using a Ryzen CPU

tldr: If you have a ryzen cpu, disabling simultaneous multi-threading and reducing the number of cores may boost your fps by a decent ammount

For reference my PC specs are

Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1070
8GB ram mhz 2400 overclocked to 2933

As we know Unturned has rather inconsistent optimization. different maps have wildly different fps
(such as Germany vs France)
Also for some reason it seems that having better PC specs doesn’t always equate to having higher fps

from the research I’ve done it seems to me that Ryzen performs poorly in Unturned compared to Intel CPUs and I’ve been trying to find a fix

I was researching ways to improve Ryzen performance in Rust because Rust uses the same engine as in Unturned and both games share similar mechanics such as base building and being open world

I found a Reddit thread that said disabling Simultaneous Multi-Threading as well as limiting the number of cores to 4 would improve Rust performance by quite a bit so I decided to try it out in Unturned


(all results are taken on servers with between 12-24 player count)

35 - 45 fps in St. Petersburg on Russia
55 - 65 fps on beaches in Russia
45 - 50 fps in Krovi Estate in Russia

30 - 40 fps on beaches of Germany

50 - 65 fps in St. Petersburg on Russia
60 - 70 fps on beaches in Russia
50 - 60 fps in Krovi Estate in Russia

40 - 48 fps on beaches of Germany

Wrapping Up

I know this information might only help a small number of people, but if you’re using an earlier generation Ryzen CPU and are struggling to get good fps on certain maps in Unturned this might be worth a try.

Side Note

I really f*cking hope the new map releasing on Friday will be optimized better than Russia or Germany


can confirm better performance than germany and slightly better than russia in the main city (except the mall) and almost PEI levels of performance in the forests


but will there be melons?

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yes in fact


Hey could you please post more sneak peeks and other stuff

Yeah I’m planning to post one on the 17th


sweet I can’t wait for that sneak peak, I hope it shows a lot. :pray:

bruh, at least tell us which guns you are using and if its based on the UK.

Let’s make this post about danabys map

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Gee it’s almost like single core performance is still king
Thanks for doing the research tho

Did you test it with only disabling SMT, or only limiting the number of cores?

I’ve helped make the map and yes, it’s very based.


Does this also work with Threadripper (specifically 1st gen 1950x)? I know it’s largely the same but TR is extremely sensitive when it comes to gaming performance.

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TBH, FPS on unturned is heavily related to player count. FPS drops drastically with each new player connected to server. Not an expert, but my wild-guess is its because of camera components maybe? Because a single camera component added in mod - drops FPS by 20-30 for all players on server (even if they doesn’t render it).

So such things should be tested on singleplayer I guess. Because it can mean a lot if its 12 players connected or if its 24.