I got money in paypal today and bought gold instead of buying a rank in a server that i like


and after i bought the gold i realised that 4.0 is coming and i will only play 4.0 and leave 3.0 and yeah …i’d feel very bad losing my gold account


Don’t feel so bad, you’re supporting Nelson.

Tip: this doesn’t really belong on the forums, at least in the 4.x category.


Ha, that is priceless.

I brought a gold account before 4.0 was a thing, and I’m still regretting that decision till this day.


I didn’t even buy a thing on unturned.


You want tendie points?


Idk about you, but I bought Gold in 2016 for one purpose: supporting Nelson and his work.

If you bought it expecting something else, that may have been a questionable decision.


If you purely bought it for benefits then you’ll still likely get some in relation to Unturned II, either being a server pass coupon or early-access closed-beta code?

So I’m not too sure what you’re upset about. You could always ask for a Steam refund regardless (if you choose to go that route then you should do it now, not later), although you might not get one from Steam.