I have Accidentally Scrapped an item

Is there any way to undo the Scrap Item thing?
I have accidentally scrapped my Nightfall Cobra with total killcounter,
and i was like “what the hell?”
so is there any way to undo it?
please help fast

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Nope. No way to unscrap an item.


there’s no way of undoing scrapping, i feel bad for u

No way to unscrap, sorry.

But hey, on the bright side that skin wasn’t worth very much anyways

Nightfall Cobra is currently going for 0.32 cents and the unit on it is 0.55 cents. So I mean, not much but still sucks.

In the arms of an angel… fly away~
Press F to pay respects.

Be more careful with scrapping before you lose a mythical or something

Speaking of which: it asks for confirmation on stuff like that. I thought the confirmation was for all items actually, but I can’t recall off the top of my head atm.

If it only asks for confirmation on mythicals it should just be changed to ask for any Rare or above item, including Keys, Mythicals, Premiums, exclusives, w/ counters, etc.

Sorry, I wouldn’t know. I haven’t scrapped a mythical yet lol.
I agree that it should be for rare and above cause i go on scrapping binges and might get rid of my 3D glasses one day.