I have broken the game


I was about to ask what was wrong with the picture but I see now.

What’s wrong

his health hunger thirst radiation stamina breathing

wait a minute why is he having trouble breathing

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Ohh nvm xd

Standing next to god makes you breathless


activate windows


Average non activated windows (weak)
Activated and no watermark windows (chad)

Hey windows is too expensive! Here in my country a Windows 10 Home license is around 1,100 BRL.
And to get a sense of how expensive this is, a minimum wage is around 1,045 BRL.

Who said you have to buy it :griefer:

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Become a pirate


@TigerSurvivor Just use Ubuntu.

Look at that, people wanting me to do wrong things :flushed:

I would, but it seems too complicated for my brain, not to mention there are fewer games for it.

Can’t you just buy a key for around 20$ ?

It is possible? Where can I buy for this price?

There’s a lot of sketchy sellers and scams, but there’s also quite a few sysadmins who buy bulk activation codes for offices and sell off the spares for profit. Hardware and software swap subreddits would be my go-to guess.

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Typically I just use AutoKMS, however FOR SOME REASON it says I don’t have access to windows defender. It doesn’t show up in the settings, and if I run it directly it says I don’t have access or my administrator has disabled it, etc, despite me being admin.

I don’t have control over my own machine for some reason and that’s pissing me off

If their minimum wage is 1045 and windows officially costs 1100, don’t you think that’s better than 7.25$ minimum wage and windows costs 90$

are you considering the mistake in your logic

I’m not referring to the minimal wage but to the actual lowest price he could get a key for. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much he earns, and yes a 20$ that can be world-wide activated seems like a better option than the almost 200$ he’d have to spend on the ‘‘official’’ one.